Exciting things can happen when people come together and work towards a common goal. Educating all Arizonans about our state’s water resources is an aspiration of Arizona Project WET (APW) and we are up for the challenge! APW has long recognized the added value of connecting inquisitive students with community members of all age groups. Our programs often promote intergenerational learning by using high school and college students as mentors for younger students. Parents and supportive adults from a variety of businesses and organizations, such as Master Gardeners, help bring real world water education to students during special activities and outdoor field events. We enjoy working with all our generous sponsors to broaden our reach to all community members. If you would like to be a part of our Outreach Team, please let us know!

For detailed questions on groundwater programs in Maricopa County, please contact Pam Justice at Pjustice@arizona.edu 

Groundwater Equipment Checkout

Check out a groundwater model: Some people love groundwater as much as we do! If that's you, sign out one of our groundwater models and help your community members better understand the groundwater system and it's importance.

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Virtual Groundwater Tools

Learn about groundwater with this digital groundwater model developed and maintained by HydroFrame. The ParFlow Sandtank is a wonderful tool to learn more about the groundwater-surface water connection, groundwater pumping, groundwater contamination and more! 


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