Groundwater Education

Inspiring the next generation of water stewards. 

Educator Resources
Little girl touching spring water


This unseen part of the water cycle may be the key to managing a sustainable water supply for Arizona. Arizona Project WET uses interactive models, lesson plans, and 20 years of experince delivering direct student outreach on the groundwater system. These lessons, and much more, are here for you! Our goal is to inspire the next generation of water stewards using hands-on learning, empowering them to make a difference in their community, and by putting students at the center of their water cycle.


For over 15 years Arizona Project WET has brought high quality water education to Arizona classrooms. We want to partner with you to continue educating future water stewards. We offer facilitated groundwater presentations, professional development, equipment check-out, and much more to help you teach about water.




Arizona has seen historic low levels of groundwater in recent years, and as part of the watershed it's our responsibility to ensure we preserve this precious resource. You can make a difference in your watershed by learning about the groundwater system using an online model, volunteering with Arizona Project WET, sponsor a program, or by educating your peers using with our models.




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